9.1% Inflation


Inflation has reached a new 40-YEAR HIGH, and the Democrats have reached an all-time low. As Biden and Evers continue to shift blame for their reckless spending, the rest of us face the grave consequences of their actions. Daily needs are becoming more unaffordable with every trip to the gas station or grocery store. Take a look at how the prices of a few daily necessities have skyrocketed in the past year: 

Gas: +59.9%

Fuel Oil: +98.5%

Airfare: +34.1%

New Vehicles: +11.4%

Hotels: +10%

Eggs: +33.1%

Butter: +21.3%

Flour: +19.2%

Chicken: +18.6%

Milk: +16.4%

Coffee: +15.8%

Since Joe Biden took office, inflation has soared from 1.4% to 9.1% today. 

As long as tyrants like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer give Joe Biden the go-ahead to demolish our economy, this insanity will show no signs of stopping. 

This is why we need you. Our livelihood is on the line this November. We MUST elect Republicans who are ready to push back against the out-of-touch Democrats, and we need your help. 

Join us in the fight to Make America Affordable Again by signing up to volunteer! 

Together, we can put our country back on track. 

-Team WisGOP


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