"We The People" of The Republican Party of St. Croix County

Today we must give a new birth to every town, city, village, & it's people. We must encourage, we must relentlessly support, & we must stand with those neighbors who will raise their hand and represent you the people. "We The People", were forged through a belief in something greater than anyone's self interest. As a Party, we want to return the power to you the people of St. Croix County. Furthermore, we believe meeting you the people where you are; versus where we want you to be. To do this we will bring the Party to you, ask you for your support, visit your communities, provide you resources, & our works will be guided by "you" the people. Do not let your station in life define the American you are. America was founded by the people, through the strength of the people, built by the people, & will sore because of the people. Let us not forget that our victories, our Representatives victories, & our lands are all gifts from those who came before us, & blessed by our creator. We encourage you to check us out, join us on mission, & share our story with people in your communities. 

 We The People of St. Croix County

 Believe In

 Honoring God

Value Life

         Strong Nation Defense, & Secure Boards

        Individual Liberty, Freedom, & Responsibility

           Smaller Government, Lower Taxes, & Property Rights

  Secure Personal Freedoms

 Defend The Constitution