Call To Caucus 2022 Introduction To Resolutions


It is important to understand what the resolutions are and are not. 

Resolutions are NOT part of the GOP party platform. Interestingly, although the National GOP has an official party platform, the St. Croix County Republican Party has an official party platform that aligns with the Republican Party of Wisconsin. 

Resolutions are not laws and do not automatically become law.

Resolutions are an expression of the county party views.  Once passed at the county level, resolutions  are passed on to the District caucus where the district resolution committee may combine several similar resolutions  from other counties on the same topic into 1 combined resolution.  If passed at district caucus, resolutions are passed on to the State resolution committee where, again, similar resolutions from all districts throughout the State are combined into 1 resolution per 1 topic.   If a resolution is passed at the State level, it becomes an official stance of the Republican Party of Wisconsin.  At times, this can/may lead to the drafting of a bill introduced by a legislator in congress.

  1. The registration packet includes the resolution prepared by the Resolution Committee.
    1. It is members responsibility to read the resolutions in preparation for a vote
    2. Any member of the St. Croix County Republican Party offer an amendment to a resolution.
    3. An member of the St. Croix County Republican Party may submit a resolution from the floor that does not conflict with those resolutions already submitted
    4. This is NOT the place to grind an axe on a single issue.
    5. If you submit a resolution, it must be accompanied by 130 copies to hand to attendees
  2. The Process: What to expect
    1. The moderator will read the list of resolutions being offered today
    2. One by one, the resolution will be introduced (why this resolution is important)
    3. Resolution will be read in its entirety.
    4. There will be a call for a motion to accept the resolution, and a second
    5. There will be opportunities for discussion alternating pro and con comments that will be limited to 2 minutes.
    6. Discuss may continue up to 10 minutes.
    7. There will be a call for a vote.
    8. Vote will be taken by a standing vote of the membership.
  3. Submission and passage of a new resolution at caucus
    1. Upon request from the Resolution moderator, new resolutions maybe offered from the floor, one at a time.
    2. Any member may offer resolutions.
    3. Resolution must be accompanied by 130 copies
    4. The same process as above will be followed. You will be asked to read your resolution.
    5. Moderator will call for a motion to pass the resolution; and a second.
    6. If no second, motion and resolution fail.

ii. If a second, there will be call for discussion then a vote.

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