Chairman's Coin Recipients


I wanted to share with you a letter I had the privilege to present to those who received the Chairman's Coins this past week. Each recipient received a uniquely numbered coin that has been registered to them. Each record identifies why they received their individual recognition.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

John Quincy Adams


Chairman’s Coin Recipient,

Tonight, as Chairman of The Republican Party of St. Croix County I’d like to recognize and enshrine the efforts of those who have given every ounce of their measure to the fundamental principles of the human capacity in all corners of St. Croix County. Let it be noted that these men and women have given freely, have undergone a great burden, and without reservation were resolute in:

01 The preservation for all people, our Republican form of government as created under the United States of America Constitution and state of Wisconsin.

02 To advance in every honorable way the fundamental Republican principles and policies.

These men and women honored tonight will continue to carry forth the duty and burden as citizens in our county. As Chairman, let it be resolved that the Chairman's Coin symbolizes the God given talents bestowed upon your individual hearts. Furthermore, let it be resolved that the each of you were born for a time like these, and with the blessings of our creator that he will give you the strength to face the fear, judgements of the human heart, and the ability to stay resolute in carrying forth America.

My hope for the each of you is that you will continue to bring hope to those who have lost theirs, that you will continue to inspire those to believe in America as you do, and that you will be a refuge for the lost and forgotten among us. As Chairman, I believe the measure of America is not how much individual power we immense, but rather the amount of power we give back to the people. Yet, as recipients you must stay vigilant to those who will seek to take authority, who look to enrich their individual power through you, and be fearless in the face of the unpopular opinion. We must all seek life in the words of Theodore Roosevelt; “The Man In The Arena”.

In closing, as Chairman I find no greater reward in politics, or in life then when I see someone find their voice. Let this Chairman’s Coin be the physical representation of the voice you found. You have done so much, influenced so many, and your American experience is now the collective tapestry that will be enshrined with the Chairman’s Coin in The Republican Party of St. Croix County.

Congratulations on your Chairman’s Coin,


Matthew Bocklund

Chairman of The Republican Party of St. Croix County

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