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The Amos Center for Justice & Liberty announces the decisions of the Wisconsin Supreme Court from October 21, 2021 and then again on October 25, 2021 which together denied John Zingsheim, the father of two young adults who lost their mother a year ago, the chance to try to recover from the ravages of lung inflammation caused by Covid 19 pneumonia.   The opinions of the Wisconsin Supreme Court were 4 to 3 decisions and in both cases with scathing dissents towards the actions of not only the Court of Appeals members but also towards fellow Supreme Court Justices by Justice Rebecca Bradley when she wrote the following, with Chief Justice Annette Ziegler and Justice Patience Roggensack joining:

 “Wisconsin judges are rarely asked to make life-or-death decisions.  This case presents one of those rare circumstances.  The circuit court made a decision on the side of life.  The appellate courts chose the irrevocable and irreversible alternative.  But nothing in the law compelled it.” 

You can find these opinions at under the “Cases & documents” tab. 

Ivermectin is a well-known FDA approved anti-parasitic drug that has a forty-year safety record in its history and has received a Nobel prize in the past.  More recently the drug’s strong anti-inflammatory and anti-viral characteristics have led to it being prescribed “off-label” as an effective treatment against Covid 19. Please see Dr. Pierre Kory’s U.S. Senate testimony from December 8, 2020 and the Frontline Critical Care website at Home - FLCCC | Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance ( for more information.  Also see the Nebraska Attorney General’s 50 page opinion about Ivermectin.  This drug has also shown promise of recovery for those patients in the later stages of Covid -19. Despite the proven efficacy and safety of this drug, it has been much-maligned by the mainstream media propagandists, social media censors and surprisingly medical groups that have evidently been infiltrated by “Big Pharma.”

Unfortunately, the board rooms of large hospital systems throughout Wisconsin have also decided that Ivermectin should not be used in their hospitals.  This leaves Covid patients like Mr. Zingsheim with few options once they go into the hospitals.  The protocol of placing people on ventilators and then failing to provide effective anti-inflammatories leaves patients and their families with little hope of recovery.

Our Emergency Petition to Bypass the Court of Appeals in the matter of ALLEN GAHL, Health Care Power of Attorney for his principal JOHN ZINGSHEIM v AURORA MEDICAL CENTER,

2021AP 1787-FT,  came after the Court of Appeals took jurisdiction of the case from Waukesha Circuit Court Judge Lloyd Carter (L.C. #2021CV1469) who had ruled in favor of attempting to preserve Mr. Zingsheim’s life by allowing an outside doctor to enter Aurora Medical Center-Summit for the purpose of administering Ivermectin to Mr. Zingsheim.

The first Supreme Court Order in this case was issued on October 21, 2021.  On Monday October 25, 2021 without addressing the pressing lifesaving requests and needs of John Zingsheim or the grief and pain that his family members have experienced because of the continued denial of requested treatment, the Wisconsin Supreme Court denied the Petition for Bypass to hear the issues and was silent on the immediate issue of whether Mr. Zingsheim could be given the Ivermectin. 

Please pray for a miracle for John Zingsheim, his young family, and other families going through these heartbreaking denials of treatment cases throughout hospitals across Wisconsin. 

Karen Mueller, Founder & General Counsel

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