Election Integrity Call-To-Action

Election Integrity Call-To-Action,

As you are aware, the Wisconsin Voter Alliance (WVA) has a number of complaints already filed against the WI- 5 mayors, staff and Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC).  While we are waiting for those complaints to work their way through the courts, we are continuing our investigations with regard to the integrity of our voting systems.
We are now investigating the nursing home issue where nursing home operatives were assisting nursing home patients to complete their absentee ballots. Many of these patients did not have the cognitive ability to even cast a vote. 
In 2020, due to covid 19, WEC issued an order that was contrary to law and cancelled visitation to nursing homes by Special Voting Deputies (SVD).  This opened the door to unscrupulous actors in certain nursing homes to assist with voter registration and voting in these homes.  Many elders were abused in this process as to a great degree this process was really nothing more than ballot harvesting. Please visit www.wisconsinvoteralliance.com for more information. 
We are in the process of identifying cases where nursing home elders who did not have the cognitive skills to vote in the 2020 elections indeed voted.
If you are aware of any family members in your County where this may have occurred, please consider the following action steps:
1. Send your complaint to: 
Ron Heuer 

President, Wisconsin Voter Alliance (WVA)

They will investigate each case and, if they uncover wrongdoing, they will file the necessary complaints.
2. Please also have the individual or someone on their behalf fill out a letter, and encourage them to send it to their District Attorney's office. These letters can by obtained through our Election Chair of the Executive Committee.

To Obtain The Letter

The Saint Croix County DA's mailing address is: 
C/O District Attorney Karl Anderson
Saint Croix County Government Center
1101 Carmichael Road
Hudson, WI 54916
Email address: [email protected]
Office number: 715-386-4658
(The Saint Croix Republican Party would also appreciate being sent a copy via email to [email protected] for our records, if you would).
-Working to get 2020 right, while simultaneously working on 2022-

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