From 'Well Qualified' To 'An Embarrassment': Robin Voss 180-degree reversal on Michael Gableman

MOUNT PLEASANT — Robin Vos appears to have made a complete 180-degree turn on Michael Gableman. In July 2021, Vos called Gableman “well qualified.” On Tuesday, Vos called Gableman "an embarrassment" and indicated he wants to fire Gableman.

Vos more or less single-handedly created the Office of the Special Counsel and picked Gableman to lead it, with a budget of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The goal of the OSC? To investigate “potential irregularities and/or illegalities” in the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin.

Vos and Gableman agree there were “problems” with the operation of the 2020 election, but they disagree about what to do next.

Gableman has repeatedly asserted that retroactively decertifying the election is possible and should be considered. Vos has been steadfast in saying that decertification is not possible.

Vos initially expressed confidence in Gableman to uncover wrongdoing if there was any. Gableman now says “Vos never wanted a real investigation into the 2020 election in Wisconsin.”

Less than a week before Tuesday's Election Day, Gableman endorsed Adam Steen, the Republican challenger to Vos.

After declaring victory Tuesday night, Vos said the former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice he hired is “an embarrassment to the state.” Vos said he plans to meet with the Republican Assembly caucus Aug. 16 to discuss next steps, which may include ending Gableman's contract.

Gableman asserts that the 2020 election was “stolen” from Donald Trump, even though neither he nor anyone else has uncovered substantial evidence of widespread instances of votes being cast by those who legally could not vote.

Even with the increased attention, the number of election fraud cases prosecuted in Wisconsin and nationwide are in line with the numbers from previous presidential elections.

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June 26, 2021: Vos announces at an annual GOP convention in Wisconsin Dells that Gableman will lead the probe.