I Need Your Help To Get To The Republican Convention

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Wisconsin needs to elect a Republican governor and lieutenant governor in November. Governor Evers has set Wisconsin back and we can't afford four more years of a radical liberal agenda. 

My grassroots campaign has volunteers and supporters throughout Wisconsin. I won the Republican Party of Rock County straw poll. I have been endorsed by Wisconsin Family Action PAC, Wisconsin Right to Life PAC, and Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family.

In order to win in November, we need a Republican ticket that represents all of Wisconsin. We know the governor candidate will come from eastern Wisconsin. I would bring a rural perspective with my executive experience as mayor of Lancaster in Southwest Wisconsin since 2016.

I have experience as a housing, water and transportation aide for a conservative U.S. Congressman and was a legislative analyst for the global Christian ministry, Focus on the Family. My most important role has been as a stay at home dad. 

My unique background will help me as your next lieutenant governor and shows that I will stand up for what I believe in and will not back down.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin has put out viability standards for lieutenant governor candidates to seek the Republican endorsement at the Republican convention in May. The endorsement committee is requiring 300 unique contributors and $50,000 raised by March 15 to seek the Republican endorsement. These standards are very high but I believe we will reach them.  

We are now only 105 unique contributors and $25,515 away from reaching the requirements to seek the Republican nomination at the Republican convention. There is only 6 days left to reach our goal.

Would you donate to help me get to the convention? If you can donate $5 or $500, each bit helps us get to our goal.

Click here to make your donation.

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David Varnam 
Varnam for Wisconsin
PO Box 604, Lancaster, WI 53813


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