Josh Kaul let Kenosha go up in flames

When the liberal mob decided to take over, Josh Kaul stood by in the name of social justice. 


It’s exactly two years later and we STILL have a “top cop” who allows complete chaos and lawlessness to go unchecked. As countless businesses were destroyed in the wake of riots, Josh Kaul and Tony Evers refused federal aid, blamed law enforcement, and made inflammatory statements that only worsened the situation. 

Josh Kaul willingly neglected his responsibility to keep our communities safe. He bowed out when it mattered most. 

It’s Josh Kaul’s job to keep law and order in Wisconsin, but he refuses to do so when it doesn’t benefit him politically. We need to make a CLEAR statement this November that Wisconsin will not tolerate an Attorney General who stands by and watches our communities go up in flames. 

As the Democrats continue to appeal to the fringe-left, we must work to ensure we elect leaders who will restore law and order to our communities. Please, help us to hold Josh Kaul and the Madison Democrats accountable.

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