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Released at: March 27, 2021
Contact: St. Croix County Republican Party



Dear friends of the St. Croix County Republican Party,

On behalf of the St Croix County Executive Committee, I wanted to thank you for your membership. As many of you know, we recently held our county’s caucus on Saturday, March 13th, 2021. As a result, I was elected to lead our county as your Chairman of the Republican Party for the next two years. My wife, Sara Bocklund, and I have four children and a dog named Lucky. We have called St. Croix County our home since 2003, and we feel blessed to have been on mission with so many of you in the past and are excited to meet many more of you soon.

I would like to start by thanking those who came to the caucus to show your support for the candidates who have been elected to serve you. For those who were not able to attend, these are the newly elected persons:

Executive Members

Matt Bocklund, Chairman
Andy Brinkman, Vice-Chair
Shawn Anderson, Secretary
Charlene Stoddard, Treasurer
Hugh Gwin
Ryan Sicard
Karl Anderson
Jeremy Bishoff
Rachel Lang
Rico Heisler
Jacquie Niccum
Lynn Betzold
Sara Bocklund

As we embark on this great adventure together, we must not forget all those who came before us. Our journey will be your journey, our candidate's victories will be your victories, and the St. Croix County Republican Party will be stronger because of YOU. Think for a moment about the word YOU. Please ask yourself, can YOU make a difference? Do YOU ever see YOURSELF in politics? Are YOU motivated to uphold what makes your community great?  Are YOU ready to get in the arena to help your neighbors who have raised their hand to hold the line against the radical agendas in your communities? The single YOU is paramount to the movement which leads to us helping to elect conservative candidates.

As your Chairman, the next two years presents great opportunity for the Republican Party in our county. This opportunity will come with obstacles; however, united, WE can face these obstacles together. Our great threat to our conservative wave in St. Croix County over the next two years will be division within. I will be resolute over the next two years focusing on:

  1. Unification of the Republican Party in St. Croix County.
  2. Growing our Membership.
  3. Help Candidates win local elections.

In closing, I need to ask YOU for your support to go on mission with myself and the Executive Committee. We will need YOU. Your candidates will need YOU. Your local elected conservative leaders need YOU. Your neighbor next door needs YOU, and your children and grandchildren’s future need YOU. The crossroads in America starts right where YOU live.


Matt Bocklund


Contact us: [email protected]

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  • Gary Hanson
    commented 2021-04-02 22:26:57 -0500
    A list of Conservative Candidates would be helpful for Tues April 6tj Elections,. Kerr, Gills
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