My sights are on November 8TH

First off, I’d like to say Thank you. 

Truly, I would not be here if it was not for the continued support of our grassroots supporters. You are the reason I am here today and I am not giving up this Fight for Freedom anytime soon. 

Now that my primary is out the way, I am setting my sights on November 8th and defeating my radical Democrat opponent. 

Here is the reality of what will happen if Democrats succeed in beating me: 

  1. We will LOSE the Senate for another 2 years. 
  2. The Democrats will complete their mission of FUNDAMENTAL DESTRUCTION
  3. America will become UNRECOGNIZABLE.

Look, I’ve said it before and I will say it again, our country is precious and rare. However, it’s been put on the wrong track. Now is our chance to put it back on the path to prosperity and freedom for all. 

I need your support if we are going to make this happen. Recently, I have been named the most vulnerable Senate Republican in the nation. In fact, I am the #1 target for the Democrats. This fight is not going to be easy but the ones worth fighting for rarely are. So, can I count on you to support me & and my team as we continue our Fight for Freedom? 


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