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Fellow Patriot -- My name is Derrick Van Orden. You’ve probably never heard of me, but I wanted to tell you my story.  

I didn’t have much growing up, but my mom taught us to work hard, speak plainly, and never back down from a fight.

So, I joined the Navy when I was 18, and went on to become a Navy SEAL Senior Chief and defended our amazing nation in Europe, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Serving America was the honor of my lifetime -- and it’s what led me to recognize that poor leadership in Washington can have devastating consequences.  

So, after I returned home to Wisconsin and saw the American Dream be eroded by the disgraceful career politicians in DC, I decided to step up and run for Congress as a conservative Republican in the nation’s most hotly contested election in Wisconsin’s Third District.  

You may wonder why I’m running…well, it’s simple: What we’re seeing in Washington right now is crazy. And I learned as a SEAL… you can’t fix crazy, you can only stop it.  

Look, I’m not a career politician or some elite bigwig… I’m a veteran and just a regular guy who is sick and tired of know-nothing politicians and the fat-cat special interests running our country into the ground.

And unlike all the spineless politicians, I’m also not afraid to say that I am: 

  • TRUMP endorsed and 100% MAGA
  • Proud Christian husband, father, and grandfather
  • Veteran and businessman
  • Pro Capitalism, Pro Border Security, Pro Law Enforcement
  • And most of all: PROUD AMERICAN

We both know that’s not what the media and radical left want to hear, and the Democrats will do everything they can to shut me up.  

And that’s why I’m personally asking you to chip in just a few bucks to help fuel our grassroots campaign and help me restore some common sense to Washington.

This race in Wisconsin is THE battleground election that will decide who controls the House Majority. Whoever wins this race will control Congress. It’s that simple. 

In only one year of full Democrat control, we’ve seen America be crushed: staggering inflation, empty store shelves, gas prices you need to take out a mortgage for

We are better than this.  

So, I’m hoping you will join me by supporting our conservative campaign 

Thank you for standing with me. 

For liberty,

Derrick Van Orden
Ret. Navy SEAL
Trump Endorsed Candidate
Wisconsin’s Third District


Paid for by the Republican Party of Wisconsin.
148 E Johnson St, Madison, WI 53703 | (608) 257 - 4765

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