Press Releases From 3/11/2022 Newsletter

MONDAY 3/14/22 

The Regular Joe Show 



Daylight Savings: would be nice to stay consistent through year, prefer more evening daylight, not big issue 

Omnibus:  Exhibit A of DC dysfunction;2700 pages; harmful process; earmarks; impact on inflation 

Biden failed policy results: illegal immigration, weakness, inflation  

Bill to help victims of vaccine adverse reactions:   VAERs reporting; for constituents to access:  AAPS or FLCCC; federal health agencies and hospital associations not helping people; long term safety of vaccine is unknown; why are vaccines being pushed on children? 60-80% of VAERs reports are submitted by medical professionals 

Q 1- are we on precipice of WWIII?  Everyone trying to avoid that; need to support Ukraine 

Q2 – how will you put stop to Iranian deal?  Need to highlight how awful this deal will be; would put 10s of billions of dollars into the hands of the largest state sponsors of terror 


PRESS RELEASE 3/14/22 (see press release details below) 

Sen. Johnson Joins 48 Senate Republicans in Message to President Biden: An Iran Agreement Without Broad Congressional Support Will Not Survive 



TUESDAY 3/15/22
Faulkner Focus, Stinchfield 

Link:  Faulkner Focus (FNC) 

Link:  Stinchfield (NEWSMX)  

Topics: Biden’s weakness, Biden’s gas hikes and record inflation (see 3/15 press release) 


La Crosse Talk w/ Mike Hayes 



Inflation: don’t see it calming down in near future; galling hearing Biden blaming Putin for inflation 

Energy:  depending on tyrants for energy – US needs to return to energy independence 

Covid:  mask mandates lifting; covid policy harmful to children 


The Brian Kilmeade Show 



Zelenskyy to speak to Congress:  expect he’ll ask for help; hope colleagues will respond; Biden is roadblock 

Russia and China connection:  Biden ended the investigation of China stealing of IP; Biden signaling weakness to all adversaries; terrible Iran deal 

Covid:  letter to CDC about lack of transparency; bill to help victims of adverse reactions; call for end to covid travel restrictions; federal health agencies can’t be trusted – need to be held accountable 


PRESS RELEASE 3/15/22 (see press release details below) 

Sen. Johnson to President Biden: Stop Leading from Behind 


The Joe Pags Show 

Link:  Joe Pags Show  


Ukraine, China, Iran:  is Biden to blame for everything that is happening?  Yes 

Peace through strength:  Biden divisive and weak--- open borders- deficit spending-sparked inflation – dangerous Afghan surrender----tempts adversaries; radical left has control of dem party and of Joe Biden 

Support of Ukraine:  we should have quietly delivered the equipment Ukraine needed; sanctions – should have been done pre-emptively 

Hearts and minds of Russian people and soldiers:  opportunity – break through Russian propaganda; Ukrainians will not give up; Ukraine/NATO connection threatens no one; best case scenario would be if Russian people, Russian generals rise up and depose Putin; concern is he cannot afford to lose – will level cities 

False attacks on Ron:  they want this Senate seat – they will do anything to that end; grossly false, grossly dishonest attacks 



WEDNESDAY 3/16/22 

Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show 


Topics: Biden policies weakening America; Biden extension of mask mandates for travel; Covid policy harm; Inflation at 40 year high; Ukraine and Biden’s actions; Build Back Better – all dem spending causing inflation….which is the democrat tax on the middle class 

Check this link for transcription of this interview: 

Spicer & Co;  Fox Business Tonight;  Kudlow 

Link:  Spicer & Co (NEWSMX) – National 

Link:  Fox Business Tonight (FBN) – National 

Link:  Kudlow (FBN) – National 

Topics: Zelenskyy’s Address to Congress, Biden’s gas hike, Dems failed policies, Mainstream media bias (see 3/17/press release about these interviews) 



THURSDAY 3/17/22 

The Jay Weber Show 



Zelenskyy appeal and response:  do not want Russian/NATO-US direct conflict; preemptive actions should have been taken; Ukrainians are fighting for all of our values -freedom; we should be getting information into Russia; worst case scenario – nuclear escalation, next worst – elongated conflict and destruction, best – Russian people rise up and depose Putin; need to give Ukraine the weapons they need to defend their country; Putin unpredictable; China standing with Russia – dangerous game; need Russian people on our side – need to get information to them 

Economic weak position: every action of Biden administration has weakened America - open borders – out of control deficit spending – inflation – rising crime – Afghanistan - he has not unified and healed our nation as he promised 

Iranian nuclear deal: Biden crawled back to Iran to get back on original deal – Iran refused to meet 

Oil/Gas production in US:  Biden doubling down on canceling Keystone, and otherwise blocking energy independence in US; media is covering up 

Border crisis: press silent because they are covering for Biden and democrats 


PRESS RELEASE 3/17/22 (see press release details below) 

Sen. Johnson: Democrats Won’t Admit it’s their Policies Causing Harm 



FRIDAY 3/18/22 

Mornings With Maria 

Link:  Mornings with Maria (FBN) 


NY Times Hunter Biden article:  demonstrates how awful legacy media is – jaw-dropping they’re acknowledging now as true what rest of world has known for a long time; need free press that is unbiased – not what we have; Chris Wallace stopped Pres Trump from talking about this during presidential debate; Ron silenced by Chuck Todd during interview on this topic; corruption in FBI 

Mainstream media complicit:  falsehoods for 5-6 years 

China: concerned Joe Biden and family are compromised; China and Russia know America is weak with Biden 


CATS Roundtable 


Topics: Hunter Biden, Durham Investigation, Media Bias, 2020 Election Review 

See this link to a NY Post article about the interview:  


The Vicki McKenna Show 



January 6 Lawsuit: utter and complete nonsense; frivolous; out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook – the left targets and then destroys; liberals and mainstream media; lying, distorting used to destroy; Marc Pocan attack 

Media bias:  hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, Steel Dossier, disinformation, Russian collusion, complete interference in our 2020 election 

Iran:  Iran refuses to meet with us so Russia and China are negotiating a deal with Iran for us 

Climate emergency:  left is very good at creating state of fear; when fearful, people look to government for remedies; government exacerbates problems; our nation is in peril; we are at a hinge point 

Fauci retiring:  if I win re-election I will uncover what happened; serious about investigating; need to make sure this will never happen again 


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