Reclaiming WI Electoral Ballots-Rep. Timothy Ramthun 59th Assembly District

Fellow Patriot,

In search of next steps to reclaim our 10 electoral ballots in WI.

If you missed it, please see our last Ramthun Report calling for decertification and dissolution of the W.E.C.!

Watch Ramthun Report

As you know, we have a Joint Resolution drafted and are in search of a Senator to help us get this across the finish line. We need you to help us convince the senators to be leaders and stand up for truth and integrity. Call your representatives and tell them to support the effort as well! Remember, we need all of them to vote for this together!

Please see some attached information from Wisconsin to help aid you. You can provide it to whomever you contact as evidence.

When you ask them to join us, you will receive an objection that will tell you Legislative Council said, “There is no way to do that” or to some effect. This is where you remind them that this is because it has never been done before! This level of fraudulent activity in elections has never been so apparent! What we are doing is unprecedented in our state and our nation’s history.

Tell them we are going to leave our mark on history by forging that path and creating the way to do that! If we do not stand here, this will go unchecked!

Remind them that Rep. Ramthun has worked with leg council to draft the resolution.

Let them know we also referred to outside sources doing this same thing in other states such as Arizona. Let them know Rep. Ramthun is part of the coalition that was formed at the cyber symposium made up of representatives and senators from all 50 states that are all involved with this process. Let them know that this is the moment for leaders to stand up for the people.

Fraud vitiates every contract. When you have been a victim of fraud, you are reimbursed for your loss. We aren’t seeking to do anything but reclaim what we can prove was fraudulently taken from us with facts and evidence. So all we need to say is the WEC failed, and under the United States Constitution, state legislatures have control over federal elections. We also need a full forensic physical cyber audit to insure future elections never see this happen again.

Please visit, and under the “Who are my Legislators” tab, enter your address and see who you need to contact. Do not just email them, also call them. Schedule a time to speak with them directly.

We look forward to saving the very fabric of our state and our nation alongside you. If we do not repair this issue, we do not have a nation of, by, and for the people. The alternative is unacceptable. Once we see more evidence come out, saying “I told you so” is not enough. We need to be proactive, take a stand, and never allow this perversion to our civil duties ever happen again.

God Bless,

Tristan Johannes

Research Assistant

Office of State Representative Timothy Ramthun

59th Assembly District

Email[email protected]

Phone: (608) 266-9175

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