Referendum and ballot initiatives

Superior will be one of many liberal cites to place pot on the ballot again.  As reflected in the recent MU poll, legalization is popular, especially among young unmotivated people who live in their parents basement. Smart move on dems part as this tactic alone drove enough votes in 2018 to sink Walker.
Also be on the lookout for ballot questions regarding abortion in big lib areas like Dane and MKE.  
Kudos to the counties that countered by placing Zuckerbucks and election integrity questions on the ballot.  
Take away:  Dems often play chess while we play checkers.  We need to be better across the board.  These questions don't get placed on the ballot unless we run and elect conservatives to city and county boards.

The Superior City Council on Tuesday, Aug. 16, unanimously approved an advisory referendum that asks the question: “Should marijuana be legalized for adults over the age 21, taxed and regulated ...

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