Reminder: Mandela Barnes abandoned Kenoshan's

As we remember the destruction and chaos that ensued in Kenosha in 2020, it’s impossible to forget the way Mandela Barnes put his own political interests FIRST and Wisconsin LAST

As Kenosha burned, Mandela Barnes refused to step up and be a LEADER for Wisconsin. Instead, he jumped to conclusions and threw law enforcement under the bus. 

In response to the shooting of Jacob Blake, which an independent report found to be justified, Mandela Barnes tweeted: 

After businesses and the livelihoods of countless Kenoshans were burned to the ground, unbelievably, Mandela Barnes claimed that from the riots you could see a “community” being built in the “wake of it all.”

Mandela Barnes is as radical as they come. He used turmoil and mayhem in Kenosha to appeal to the woke, radical left while abandoning Kenoshan's and law enforcement in the process. 

We must hold him accountable. We can’t let him win this November. Will you help us NOW?! 


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