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Shutting It Down

GOP leadership is attempting to sweep the 2020 election under the rug. I have heard the rumor since the beginning of January that Speaker Vos was planning to end this current session and not hold another session until after the November 2022 election. This weekend the rumor was confirmed. Please see the press release I sent out on 3/01/2022.

According to Representative Armstrong of the 75th district, the Assembly has adjourned for the rest of the year. Rep. Armstrong did mention the possibility of reconvening for a day or two over the next week, however he made it very clear, the Assembly will not return to take care of the people’s business for the rest of 2022. When asked if he approved of this move and the reasoning behind it, Armstrong stated he disagrees with ending the session. Armstrong also stated the reasoning is to campaign for the November election.  

This is unacceptable! The taxpayers of Wisconsin are on the hook for the salaries of our legislators who will only work a total of 2 months, plus a scattered committee hearing or two. Wisconsin has many candidates running for statewide races as well as Assembly and Senate seats that have been campaigning while holding down a full-time job. The reasoning is not only an insult to Wisconsin taxpayers, but it is also proving the point of many voters who claim the Republican Party no longer represents them. There is a major disconnect between the GOP leadership and the voters of Wisconsin.  

This move is a blatant attempt to sweep the 2020 election under the rug. With a proposed bill to eliminate the W.E.C. and a resolution to address the fraud, Speaker Vos is once again telling Wisconsin voters who are demanding accountability for the crimes that occurred with the 2020 election, our voice doesn’t matter. He and his faithful continue to dismiss anyone who dares to demand answers and accountability.  

Once again, we see a Republican led effort to ignore the will of the people and to operate under an agenda held by GOP leadership. The Party is actively preaching unity within the Party while pushing out the voices of those it represents. This is unacceptable and it is not representing the people of Wisconsin. By their own actions the GOP is proving to be operating as “we the party” and not in the interests of We the People. Wisconsin is the birthplace of the Republican Party. With current GOP leadership it may be the very place the Party and fair elections die.
As many saw yesterday, former Supreme Court Justice Gableman called for the legislature to take a hard look at decertifying the 2020 election due to the crimes that were discovered in his investigation. Speaker Vos and many of his faithful reps have attacked and discredited the notion the election can be decertified. Claiming a lawyer or LRB has said decertification is not a constitutional possibility. March 1st, Speaker Vos doubled down by saying there was not a constitutional scholar in Wisconsin that will agree the election may be decertified. Yet former Supreme Court Justice Gableman has proven Speaker Vos wrong. Representative Ramthun has presented statements and offered to have the constitutional attorneys and experts that he has consulted with, to come in front of the legislature. GOP leadership has denied the requests.

The Gateway Pundit broke a story today that GOP leadership now wants to meet with all county chairs and vice chairs throughout the state. Vos and LeMahieu want to meet and discuss Mr. Gableman's report, how to move forward to win in November and  "to be on the same page." Make no mistake, this will be a meeting to try to get all the county chairs to get in line and follow the narrative being put out by the GOP leadership. If GOP leadership pushes their narrative, I will again state, the GOP leadership is ignoring the people of Wisconsin and working against the us as well as obstructing justice. This cannot be tolerated! 

Tracking Across Wisconsin
I have been enjoying traveling our amazing state and meeting all the phenomenal people that make Wisconsin the greatest place to call home! Where have I been and what have I been doing? I feel like the I am living Willie Nelson's song "On the Road Again". 

Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, Antigo, Green Bay, New Richmond, Shell Lake, Hayward, Reedsburg, Racine, Madison and that was just the past week! I am happy to drive all over the state and country if need be. This is about our freedom and restoring our liberty and I will not stop until we win this fight! I look forward to seeing and meeting you while out on the road! 

"The worst disease in the world is corruption. And there is a cure: TRANSPARENCY "

- Bono

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