FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Stafsholt Budget Breakdown Column

Released at: September 04, 2021
Contact: Republican Party of St. Croix County


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Stafsholt Budget Breakdown

With the 2021-23 state budget signed into law, I want to take the next couple of months to share with you information about what is in it. Throughout the process, you’ve likely heard something that has peaked your interest or caught your attention about the latest budget. I feel it is important to provide as much information on how taxpayer dollars are being spent, so I will be sending out multiple columns detailing each section of this budget. I encourage you to keep an eye out for them. 

In February, Governor Evers sent his proposed two year budget to the Legislature. After that, the Legislature began reviewing and finding ways to improve it. It is our job to listen to our constituents and work to make it better for you.  The goal was to turn that proposal into a budget that works for everyone. Ultimately, I believe that is what the Legislature was able to accomplish.

The Legislature wrapped up our work on the 2021-23 State Budget at the end of June. It passed both houses with bi-partisan support. In the Senate, all Republican members and some Democrats, including the Senate Minority Leader, voted for the budget. On July 8th, Governor Evers signed the Legislature’s budget into law.

I would like to thank everyone who reached out to me over the past few months. The feedback was invaluable to hear first-hand the effect the budget would have on our communities in the 10th Senate District. Using your feedback, there were things that remained from the Governor’s proposed budget along with many positive changes that were made by the Legislature as a result of your involvement.

In fact, during the budget process, I was made aware that in May 2017, the Department of Natural Resources designated the Clam Falls Dam a significant hazard, starting a five-year clock for the dam to be brought up to standard. Without funding, the dam would have been removed. Removal of the dam would devastate the lake, local businesses, and the reduced property values would lead to increased taxes on the rest of the property owners in the township. As a result of that feedback, Representative Magnafici and I got to work by drafting and submitting a budget motion with our plan to save the Clam Falls Dam to the Joint Committee on Finance. The committee approved our plan and funding was included in the latest state budget.

Again, I appreciate hearing from so many of you on the numerous parts of this budget. While no budget will ever be perfect, I feel confident that my vote reflects the will and wishes of the 10th Senate District. It is an honor to represent you and I remain committed to being your voice in Madison.



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