Strong National Defense

The Republican Party of St. Croix County stands with our Veterans and Active Duty Armed Forces. As of the Census Bureau dating back on August 28th, 2020 there were approximately 326,288 Veterans, which accounted for 7.2% of the states population. These soldiers active and retired served locally, overseas, & some gave the ultimate sacrifice for us to enjoy our individual and families freedom. We are also reminded of the brave spouses, children, grandparents, friends who toiled as their brave soldiers were standing on that line maybe yet today. Let us never forget the brave families that endured, sacrificed, cried, & missed family mile stones as we borrowed their loved ones to protect our cities, towns, villages, State, & the United States of America.

Our Mission As An Executive Committee

To embark on learning more about the soldier in St. Croix County, engage the soldiers experience, be inspired by what was sacrificed for Country. Furthermore share with you the stories of our Veteran's & Active Duty soldiers, & loved ones serving right here in St. Croix County. We will do this by....


Sharing stories of Veterans where are they now

Highlighting Veteran and Active Duty Business Owners

Armed Forces Resources

Armed Forces Holidays

American Legion locations & VFW's

Military Foundations serving Military personal


Platform For A Strong National Defense

 Strong military is the key to a strong National Defense system

U.S. forces must be agile, readily deployable, and require a minimum of logistical support

US must align its military power with the strengths of American society

The strength of our military lies with the combat soldier, sailor, airman, and Marine


Thank you for your service