The Democrats Are Falling Apart

Fellow American,

The Democrat party is truly falling apart. We are barely two years into Biden’s disastrous presidency, and he has already lost the support of his own base. A recent poll found that 64% of Democrats want someone other than Biden to run in 2024, while a mere 26% think he should be nominated again. 

This is Biden’s America: the economy plummeting while crime skyrockets. 

Americans choosing whether to buy groceries or gas. A weak presence on the international stage. We’ve seen it all along, but some Democrats are finally opening their eyes. 

Biden has been losing traction ever since he was elected. Now, with a perilous approval rating of 33% and 75% of voters saying our country is headed in the wrong direction, we might actually have a shot in 2024 at defeating the most abysmal president in modern American history. 

We still have a fight to win right now in 2022. 

It is absolutely imperative that we send a clear message this fall: that Wisconsin needs and deserves conservative fighters who fight for them in Washington and in Madison. That’s why we need to focus on removing Tony Evers from the governor’s mansion and sending Senator Ron Johnson back to D.C. We can win this fight, but we can’t do it alone. 

Would you be willing to contribute as little as $5 to our efforts? Your help is very appreciated as we fight for freedom this November. 


Thank you for everything, 

Team WisGOP


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