Time to switch strategies: Primary is now over. GOP target the blue collar worker

How Michels/Johnson Win: There is no second place in Politics. Primary Over. It is now aar with the far-left and urban progressives!


67% of Wisconsin is Blue Collar, 800,000 of whom did not vote in 2018. 457,000 Sportsmen.

Why? They do not think anyone in Mad City the last 20 years cares about them. Time to go after them asap.  We have a plan:


The Dems are bringing thousands of people from all the blue states plus a lot of money. They are registering people. We are sleeping. They are ballot harvesting, we are too damn lazy.


We have a plan to win if we can stop stupid little arguments from flaring up. Time to unite behind Michels/Johnson. Each of them can bring in different voters into the GOP.

Tim goes after the blue collar voters/businessman at these events: Bowling, Ducks Unlimited, NRA, Evangelical, Pro-life, working-class people. We passed the stage of going to the GOP caucus, Reagan Dinners, Pints and Politics, and the backyard GOP BBQ. Shit gets real now and we need to reach the people that will help us win elections. Ron fires up the base and shows voters that Barnes is too far left. Talk about inflation, crime, propane prices, Barnes support for defunding the police, boys playing girl sports, and etc.....


Stop throwing the poopy poop at Michels and get on board or get out the way. Don’t be like Charlie Sykes and his gang of Never Trumpers. Unite!!!


We can win but not with ad campaigns but on the grounds that we can get those 800,000 out to vote if we love them and don't work for them. Use the phone banks, hand addressed letters, social media anything and everything. If we sit on asses and send out postcards and ads, we will run twenty races lost.


I am 80 and working my ass off. Catch me if you can.


Thank you to Natalie for editing. 


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