Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates

Many of us are facing losing our jobs and careers with the unconstitutional vaccine mandates employers are bringing down on their employees.
We are only asking for choice. If anyone want to get the vaccine, that is fine, you have the freedom to do so, We are just asking for the right to choose not to take the vaccine as well
If you are like many others out there and will not comply, please remember don't just quit, make them fire you.
Be sure to also make a paper trail, do not accept any verbal action, ask them to write everything out in an email. 
In the case that you are or will be out of a job, we wanted to bring this great resource to you https://www.redballoon.work
There are thousands of freedom-loving job seekers searching on RedBalloon every day. Help them find you. 
We connect employers who value freedom with employees who value it too.
We envision a world beyond cancel culture, where employees are free to work... without fear that they will find themselves on the wrong side of their employer’s politics.
That’s it. No agendas, politics, or drama. Just work. Interested? Let’s create that world together.
Questions? Comments? We’d love to hear from you!
Email us at [email protected] 
MN Governor Candidate Scott Jensen hits the nail on the head - click here to watch this short clip 
Wisconsin, a vaccine mandate is immoral, wouldn't you agree?
Stand strong Saint Croix County. 


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