Update For WI-07 [April 2022]

Every month, we send you a quick update on the work Tom’s been doing on behalf of Wisconsin’s 7th District. Here’s what Tom’s been working on the past few weeks.


Fighting for American energy independence.


Tom joined several of his colleagues on the Natural Resources Committee to introduce six pro-energy bills. This legislation would throw out many of Biden’s anti-energy policies and help American oil and gas companies ramp up production.


Passing these bills would put our nation on the path to energy independence and reduce our reliance on foreign oil. You can learn more about this legislation by clicking HERE.


Opposing Pelosi’s flawed marijuana legalization bill.


The American people are facing a lot of challenges right now – 40-year high inflation, surging gas prices, rising crime, and falling real wages – just to name a few.


Instead of tackling these issues head-on, Nancy Pelosi scheduled a vote to legalize marijuana. This bill was deeply flawed, and among other things, introduced a national database to track all cannabis users. But that didn’t stop the Democrats from passing the bill along party lines.


Tom introduced two amendments to make this legislation less damaging. These amendments aimed to protect young children and pregnant mothers from unhealthy exposure to the drug. But the Democrats wouldn’t even allow a vote on these amendments.


Shining a light on soft-on-crime policies.


Irresponsible prosecutors, including the Milwaukee District Attorney, are pushing a pro-criminal agenda that lets violent offenders off easy and puts law-abiding citizens at risk.


To expose the dangers of their policies, Tom co-sponsored the Pretrial Release Reporting Act which would require the DOJ to release information on individuals who have been charged with violent felonies and released on bail. Click here to learn more about this legislation.


John, this is an extremely difficult time for many Americans, and Tom is working harder than ever to serve the people of WI-07 and stand up for our commonsense values.


Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to bringing you more updates soon.




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