Victory Center

We're pleased to announce that the Republican Party of St. Croix County has procured a
prime retail location for our Victory Center office for the 2020 campaign season.  

Stop by and see us! We have yard signs, flags, literature and much more!


121 2nd St.
Hudson, WI 54016


Mon-Fri: 10-7

Sat: 10-6

Sun: 12-4

This is a great, visible location right in downtown Hudson with lots of room.  It's a great place for gatherings as well as sign and literature distribution.  We're always in need of volunteers to take shifts to keep the doors open during business hours as much as possible right up until the November presidential election.  Sign up below to help staff the Victory Center.

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  • Jeanne Rohl
    My brother in law spent all day yesterday putting up signs in Pierce Cty. Taken down from private property by order of the County Hyw dept. Our sign was broken smashed . Big signs. Just warning ya.
  • Mike Schulte
  • Heather Mortel
    Is this open tomorrow ( Sunday 6/28)?