Victory Center 2021

We, the People of St. Croix County

Fellow Patriot,

            We don’t have to tell you what a dire condition our communities, our county, our state, and our country are in. It is our belief that we share a common goal to take back our liberty as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights.

            The St. Croix County Republican Party is excited to announce the first step of our plan, which involves a major Capital Campaign! This is a strategy for St. Croix County to elect constitutional and conservative representation for ALL local, county, state, and federal offices.

            The goal of the Capital Campaign is to raise $60,000 dollars! 

 The Need:

  • Provide a consistent place for resources and information
  • Educate citizens of their rights as defined by the Constitution of the United States
  • Inform, encourage and guide conservative community members through opportunities to serve in public office
  • Space and opportunities for classes, guest speakers, candidate meet and greets
  • The “bus” will bring the same education and opportunities TO the communities

The Goals:     

  • Lease a 2098 sq. ft. space to serve as a permanent Republican Party headquarters
  • Purchase a bus to serve as a mobile office, resource for community events, and candidate support


Join us today by making a secure donation with your credit or debit card HERE, or if you prefer, download a form HERE and mail it in along with your payment to the address listed below. (If mailing payment: PLEASE CLEARLY INDICATE THAT YOUR DONATION IS FOR THE VICTORY CENTER**!)

**Victory center donation funds will be received in an already established separate bank account from general operating funds. Your money will only be used to fund the startup and operation of the victory center(s).

We simply cannot fulfill the vital step in opening our headquarters without your help. While we realize that not everyone can donate, we do hope that you would support our vision and join our cause. In the interest of transparency, we have included a breakdown as follows of where we expect the funds to be spent.

$10,000 bus, repairs, wrapping, fuel, insurance
$ 27,000 Victory Center rent & utilities
$ 8,200 Operations Manager
$ 9,800 VC insurance, office supplies, printer, computers, technology updates, signage
$ 2,000 merchandise
$ 1,500 stage, folding tables, folding chairs, microphones, kitchen items
$ 1,000 general account
$ 500 Trash cans, bags, waste paper, personal hygiene products

Total = $60,000.00

Interested donors are encouraged to contact Andy Brinkman (715) 781-2516, Jeremy Bischoff (952) 994-1425, or Ryan Sicard (715) 760-0609.


You may also direct inquiries to: [email protected]


St. Croix County Republican Party
PO BOX 452
Hudson, WI 54016

Signed for the people,

St. Croix County Republican Party Executive Committee

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