Victory Center 2021

We are united by our common interest in furthering conservatism to preserve our political leadership, our religious freedoms, protect our schools against liberal agendas, and defend our liberties.

A fixed and mobile Victory Center will allow you a place to catch the momentum of elections and sustain that enthusiasm throughout the year.



The St. Croix County Executive Committee is excited to announce a new grassroots Capital Campaign by the people for the people to lease a 2,098 square foot home for the permanent party headquarters, and a school bus that will be converted into taking Conservatism to the people in 2022. In 2022 “We go where the people are versus making the people come to where we want them to be.

We have a Solution; you are the Key!


• A base of operations with a clear purpose to act as a visitor center, including a merchandise store.
• A 2,098 square foot Conservative Education Center. A space to hold interactive classes for all ages; encompassing: constitutional classes, interests in politics, campaign messaging, and more!
• A dependable climate-controlled space that is technologically adaptable, contains a stage and can serve as a “meet and greet” platform for candidates to share their values and information.
• Membership growth opportunities allowing the party to be readily available to the public.
• A meeting space, allows for membership and Executive Committee meetings. (This space could also potentially be available to reserve or rent for donor needs.)
• A bus to bring conservatism TO THE PEOPLE in the form of parades, mobile advertising, along with meet and greet opportunities, elected campaign stops, and local events within the communities throughout the county.

Why is this critical?
Our political climate is no longer static, we cannot depend on others to give us funding to open victory centers. We must take it upon ourselves to grow the party through a grassroots initiative. We have reached a critical point. It is time to unlock the future and create a stronghold in our party.

We need your help!
Your generous gift can open the door for the future of the St. Croix County Republican Party and its mission. Our fundraising target is $60,000.00! We are confident that, with your help, we can make this vision a reality. We know this is a big goal, but we have big opportunities to win back seats at the local, county, state and federal levels.

Our growth is a direct reflection of you and where you want the party to go. “We The People” can do big things if we are willing to invest in big things and work together. Your generosity will leave a legacy!

We simply cannot fulfill the vital step in opening our headquarters without your help. While we realize that not everyone can donate, we do hope that you would support our vision and join our cause. In the interest of transparency, we have included a breakdown as follows, of where we expect the funds to be spent.

$10,000 bus, repairs, wrapping, fuel, insurance
$ 27,000 Victory Center rent & utilities
$ 8,200 Operations Manager
$ 9,800 VC insurance, office supplies, printer, computers, technology updates, signage
$ 2,000 merchandise
$ 1,500 stage, folding tables, folding chairs, microphones, kitchen items
$ 1,000 general account
$ 500 Trash cans, bags, waste paper, personal hygiene products

Total = $60,000.00

Join us today by making a secure donation with your credit or debit card here or if you prefer, download a form and mail it in along with your payment to the address listed below. (If mailing payment: PLEASE CLEARLY INDICATE THAT YOUR DONATION IS FOR THE VICTORY CENTER!) *Form will be posted soon*

Victory center donation funds will be received in an already established separate bank account from general operating funds. Your money will only be used to fund the startup and operation of the victory center(s).

Interested donors are encouraged to contact Andy Brinkman (715) 781-2516, Jeremy Bischoff (952) 994-1425, or Ryan Sicard (715) 760-0609.

You may also direct inquiries to: [email protected]

St. Croix County Republican Party
PO BOX 452
Hudson, WI 54016

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