Voelkel Op-Ed: State GOP Endorsement Rules Squeeze & Hurt Grassroots


March 16, 2022

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Voelkel Op-Ed: State GOP Endorsement Rules Squeeze & Hurt Grassroots

BROOKFIELD – Lieutenant governor candidate Ben Voelkel, a former longtime senior aide to Senator Ron Johnson, published a column on Wisconsin Right Now this morning calling on the Republican Party of Wisconsin to rescind rules that will limit the number of candidates deemed “viable” for the state convention. 

Excerpts are below and the full piece can be read here.

"When Republicans gather in the Madison area (of all places) later this spring for our convention, delegates won’t get to hear from everyone running for lieutenant governor. Several candidates will be left off the stage and off the endorsement ballot – locked out because of arbitrary benchmarks set by higher-ups at the state party. That is fundamentally wrong.”

“Party leadership can’t ask volunteers to show up to candidate events, march in parades and get out and be boots on the ground for local candidates, only to then turn around and disregard their preferences.”

There is still time to remedy this. The Republican Party of Wisconsin Executive Committee should revisit their rules and deem all the filed lieutenant governor candidates viable. I’ve seen each candidate campaign in person. They are all people who are concerned enough about the direction of our state to devote significant personal time, energy and money to this worthy cause.”



Ben Voelkel is a longtime senior aide to Senator Ron Johnson. More information about Ben and his campaign can be found at benforwisconsin.com. Follow @BenforWI on Facebook and Twitter. 

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