What To Expect At A Call To Caucus In 2022

Join us at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, March 12 th at Christ Center Assembly of God for the
2022 Republican Party of Saint Croix County Caucus.

What is a caucus? A caucus can be described as a group of people united to promote
an agreed-upon cause. Every Year our membership is called to meet at County
Caucus. Per the State Party Constitution, a regular County Caucus shall be held prior to
April 1st of each year at which time delegates and alternates shall be approved to
attend the District Caucus and State Convention. Saint Croix County Currently has 4
officer seats, Chair, Vicechair, Secretary, treasurer, and 8 other Executive Committee

Who can attend Caucus? Per our Republican Party of Saint Croix County Constitution,
any member in good standing can attend.
Who can be a Party member? Membership in this organization is open to all St. Croix
County citizens of voting age who believe in the objectives, purposes, and principles of
the Republican Party.

Some of the agenda items at the caucus will include:
 Year in Review – Hear about all the great things we have accomplished.
 What’s to Come – We have some exciting news!
 Resolutions presented and voted on (any member can write and present a
 Spring and Fall Elections – Meet the candidates!
 Treasures yearly report
 *Delegate Appointments

A *delegate is a person who is chosen to vote or to act on the behalf of others. In
presidential elections, delegates meet at the national party convention to select a
presidential candidate. Delegates are chosen through a caucus or through a primary

Why should you be a delegate? Serving as a delegate gives you voting authority at
the State Convention. This year, we have a slate of state-wide and federal races where
delegates from their respective counties will vote to endorse a candidate for each
office. This is a monumental opportunity for your voice to be heard! Not only will
you have an opportunity to vote for endorsement, but you will also have a say in the
party platform and resolutions adopted at Convention!  

According to the Republican Party of Wisconsin Constitution (Article VIII, Section 3),
counties are allowed one delegate per 250 Republican votes cast for governor or
president in the proceeding election. Therefore, our county will be allowed 130
delegates at the State Convention, which is scheduled to take place in Madison the
weekend of May 20-22. If allocation of delegates is greater than the number of
members, then all members will automatically become delegates.
Saint Croix County has more members than we have delegate placements. If you wish
to be a delegate, please see eligibility rules.
Eligibility Rules for Becoming a Delegate
1) Must be a “qualified” member of the party “in good standing,” meaning current
dues has been paid at least 15 days prior to any caucus. Members from the
previous calendar year have the right to renew their membership at the time of
caucus and still be considered “in good standing.” This means that the deadline
to become a new member is Friday, February 25 th .
2) Must submit your interest in becoming a delegate prior to the caucus, we will call
for anyone else who wishes to be a delegate at time of caucus for any places
that have not been filled.

If you would like to serve as a Saint Croix County delegate, please send an email
stating your interest. That is all it takes. Please put the word “Delegate” in the
subject line of the email. Send to Executive Committee Member Sara Bocklund
and Executive Committee Secretary Shawn Anderson, at Email Election Chairwomen Sara Bocklund
and Email Party Secretary. Don't miss out on your opportunity to be heard and make a difference in the Party!
We thank you for your continued membership! We are working hard to amongst other
things, to seek conservative candidates, supporting them along their way, who we hope
you all will choose to get out and elect to protect our way of life and our cherished God
given freedoms.

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