WI Inflation Alert

Biden’s far-left policies are driving consumer prices through the roof, and the human cost is STAGGERING.


The typical American family is being forced to pay an extra $433 a month – over $5,000 a year – to make ends meet. And many hard-working people are struggling.


Biden’s answer? Sign another $1.5 trillion spending bill into law to devalue the purchasing power of the dollar even more.


I’m fighting Biden’s inflationary policies every day on Capitol Hill. But the only way to block his socialist agenda is to win back the House in November.


I shudder to think what will become of our economy and our country if the Democrats hold on to power for another two years. That’s why we’re working overtime to keep this seat red, stop a blue wave in Wisconsin, and SAVE AMERICA.


If you’d like to help, please consider making a generous donation to my campaign by clicking here. Together, we can get our country back on track and stop Biden’s reckless inflationary spending.


Thank you,


Tom Tiffany




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