Wisconsin Voter Alliance Update - 09/18/2021

Released at: September 18, 2021
Contact: Republican Party of St. Croix County

From: Ronald Heuer
Sent: Saturday, September 18, 2021 1:09 PM
Subject: POISON - CTCL's Wisconsin Safe Voting Plan

To All:

Our deep dive into the malfeasance by CTCL funded with Zuckerberg money showed us how well the WI-5 mayors of Green Bay, Kenosha, Racine, Milwaukee, and Madison planned and pulled off a Biden win in the Nov 2020 election. The Wisconsin Safe Voting Plan (WSVP) is an extremely important document, as each of the WI-5 cities executed this document with CTCL. What is even more interesting is how this document was actually constructed.

After the WI-5 cities were recruited and brought into the CTCL fold, the mayors and their staff were required to fill out what CTCL referred to as “grant worksheets”. Much of the content that ended up in the WSVP came from these worksheets. We have copies of several of these worksheets and the information on those sheets is quite damning, in as much as the cities where planning and budgeting their GET OUT THE VOTE campaigns in each of their cities that directly targeted the “traditionally underserved areas” black and brown communities and other minority communities like Hmong and Somalis.

Keep in mind, GOTV activities are not to be conducted by cities, but rather candidates, political parties, and campaigns. What they did was flat-out illegal and racist! Let me give you an example. One of the cities wrote, “we will provide caravans to transport blacks, elderly and disabled to the polls” Isn’t that racist? So, imagine this, a caravan passing up a Hispanic or white person who might need a ride to the polls. These mayors are out of control, no question about that.  Collectively, the WI-5 cities received $8.8 million from Zuckerberg, and they spent nearly half of that money on GOTV efforts targeting the minorities in their cities.

I would suggest you read this document carefully, and you will quickly see how intrusive CTCL and their operatives were in running the elections in the 5 largest cities in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Safe Voting Plan

Please feel free to forward this message, also have your friends and relatives join the Wisconsin Voter Alliance, www.wisconsinvoteralliance.com/wva/membership

Ron Heuer 
President, WVA

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